As an independently-owned, fee-only firm, First Oak is not incentivized to recommend specific investments or commission-based financial products. Your investment strategy is built solely based on your needs and priorities.

When planned, implemented and rebalanced appropriately, investing your wealth can be a key source of financial growth over the long-term. We see investment management and your financial plan as critically-linked elements.

Our approach to investment management is based on:

  • Personalized account planning – there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions
  • Risk minimization
  • Disciplined money management
  • Tax efficiency
  • Low expenses

To develop your customized investment management plan, our team develops a unique asset allocation strategy, which balances the need for growth with the desire to minimize risk. Investing always involves risk. In fact, too little risk can itself be your biggest risk. For example, while a portfolio made up entirely of stocks is exposed to market risk, one comprised of 100% cash may not last through retirement.

The primary investment vehicles used by First Oak have been thoroughly researched and vetted to ensure a commitment to integrity and values that are consistent with ours.