Family Office

We realize that in our role as family wealth advisors, we are so much more than a mere financial advisor. We work hard to help our families access the professional advice and resources they need to resolve important family issues that may be impeding the healthy management of their financial interests.

We have relationships with, a broad network of professionals. We work with clients to help find optimal, appropriate legal, tax and healthcare professionals.

Educational Retreats

We understand that for families to ensure the inter-generational preservation of their wealth and charitable giving efforts, it is vital for families to communicate openly and effectively across all members involved. We help facilitate this important dialogue where needed through the arranging and leading of educational retreats.

Philanthropy Guidance

We advise families on how best to ensure the long-term preservation of their philanthropic goals. We try to encourage our families towards a model of social entrepreneurship for their giving efforts. We believe that the lessons and best practices of the private sector can be used effectively to spark profound social change in the public sector.

Foundation and Endowment Consulting

We work closely with our families to manage, restructure, and create private foundations. We focus on developing for our families the most efficient giving strategy possible, so as to ensure the long-term viability and health of their philanthropic mission.